Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)


Principal Investigator: Eric Peterson, MD, MPH


Rosalia Blanco

2400 Pratt Street
Durham, NC 27705

Grant Number: 5U01HL107023-02

Duke Clinical Research Institute Specific Aims


The Cardiovascular Centers of Outcomes Research (CCOR) Research Coordinating Unit (RCU) oversees and coordinates the work of, as well as promotes collaborations among, three national CCOR sites. Duke, a pioneer of outcomes research, applies its leadership in outcomes methodology, to help spur and develop a future, transformational, outcomes research agenda in concert with the centers. Additionally, the RCU fosters communication, data sharing, and manuscript development among this innovative, newly formed, NHLBI outcomes research consortium.

Outcomes research is increasingly important in this era of rapid technological development and evolving science in medicine. It contributes to knowledge about therapeutic efficacy by providing additional data to guide the application of research findings from clinical trials into contemporary practice. The RCU serves as a leadership entity in the field of outcomes research.


DCRI’s cardiology web page: https://www.dcri.org/our-research/cardiology