Boston University Medical Center


Principal Investigator: Nancy Kressin, PhD
Director, Health/care Disparities Research Program


Boston University School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center
Section of General Internal Medicine
801 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 2090
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-414-1367

Grant Number: U01 HL105342

Boston University Medical Center Specific Aims


The Center for Health Insurance Reform, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Disparities at Boston Medical Center aimed: 1) to conduct two research projects, by multidisciplinary teams, to evaluate the effects of health reform in Massachusetts, examining whether increased access to health care, through provision of insurance to a majority of state residents, leads to improved cardiovascular outcomes, and reduced disparities in them. We focused on patients especially vulnerable to cardiovascular disease and poor access – low-income minority patients, 2) to complement and collaborate with other existing centers in cardiovascular outcomes research, and 3) to develop three Early Stage Investigators into seasoned cardiovascular outcomes researchers who are well versed in the issues, topics and methods in the field, and who, at the completion of the center activities, have been poised to make substantial future contributions to the field of cardiovascular outcomes research.


BUMC Health Disparities Research Program: